Land Sailing Rental The most exciting island experience!

Hello everybody,girls and boys,friends of nature,sport and healthy life,if you read this…now…is because we all have something in common:¨LAND SAILING/CARROVELISMO¨

Even it looks like Land Sailing is a new sport,it is not! The Phoenicians,Egyptians or Greeks used vehicles powered by the wind in battles,in military tactics or transportation over 4000 years ago.

The Chinese use to have wind-driven vehicles in the sixth century A.C.during Liang Dynasty when a stick and a sail was designed for a big carriage.

One of the first land yacht was build in the sixteenth century by the Flemish mathematician Simon Stevin.

Dumont brothers have build land sail vehicles in the late nineteenth century as a recreational game on the beaches of De Panne (Belgium) and in north of France.It was the start of development as a sport.

The essential feature of this extreme sport,named ¨LAND YACHTING¨ is that the speed they are able to achieve can be double,triple or quadruple of the real wind speed. For example,with a 10 km/h wind,depending the type and brand of the equipment,can be achieved , in terms of yachting,up to 40 km/h. The reason is that the real wind speed adds,gradually,the vehicle speed,having as result the apparent wind speed.

The absolute record for sailing on land is 202,9 km/h ,achieved by the pilot and engineer Richard Jenkins , in the Ivanpah Dry Lake,California,in 2009,aboard ¨Greenbird¨.

However….my goal is not doing Encyclopedia , but invite you personally to try and enjoy one of the most fun and safe extreme sport activities, swell as very few designed sports for locomotory disabled people. The minimum age to enjoy this sport is 8 years old.

A big hug to everyone,