Land Sailing Rental The most exciting island experience!

Our objectives are:

  • To support and promote the Land Sailing (sand yachting, sailing on land, sailing rodes) bringing this sport closer to the public.
  • To support and promote the Land Sailing as a sustainable , healthy, safe and full inclusion sport activity.
  • To disseminate and promote the use of standard international rules, to approve licenses worldwide.
  • To build a competing racing team and to organize events and regattas worldwide.
  • To create an autonomous and financially sustainable school.

Endorsed by:

The syllabus of Land Sailing Fuerteventura is accredited by the International Land and Sand Yachting Federation (FISLY), coordinator of land sailing worldwide and international championships, and the Spanish Association of Carrovelismo (AEC), a Federation of Land Sailing clubs in Spain. The AEC is authorized to issue licenses for FISLY competitions in Spain, for pilots, aswell as for instructors and race officials. Our school is also recognized by Spanish Blokart Association (AEB) Blokart member of the European Association (EBA) and the International Blokart Racing Association (IBRA) who are coordinating the national and international competitions in the Blokart class.

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In our school we use Blokart-class equipments. Blokart is not only the Land Yachting brand which has sold over 10,000 units, it is ,also, the brand that has popularized this sport internationally. Because it is hands-driven, allows a safe and intuitive use by children and adults of all ages. Spending a day driving a Blokart-class equipment ,allows you to enjoy an outdoor activity, with your family, friends or colleagues. To learn more about Blokart visit www.blokart.org

Land Sailing Basics Course

Land Sailing Basics is an introduction to develop basic land navigation techniques for beginners. Through theoretical and practical sessions, you will learn about legislation Shopping sailing, and safe techniques to navigate, allowing you to start enjoying the sport quickly. This course is required to use the tennis Fuerteventura Land Sailing individually

  • Duration: session 1, 1/2 hour .. (90 minutes)
  • Prize: 40 euros per person. (*)
  • (*) the price includes rent of yachting, gloves, helmet and monitor.

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Academic program

Technical content:
  • How to work different parts of yachting and how they interact with each other.
  • Basic Law for the sport.
Practical content:
  • The basic navigation wheel and how the wind moves through 360 degrees of it.
  • The wind direction of the day: how to read the indicators and signals that let us know the direction and intensity of the wind and its changes.
  • Study the circuit to be used during the session.
  • Safety regulations: how to stop a controlled, emergency response to people, animals or other obstacles that come in the track. Belt use and other safety measures. Procedure in case of rollover.
Session Objectives
  • Navigate to long turns.
  • Driving direction and coordinated candle.
  • Turn into the wind and stop.
  • Giro upwind 180 (tack or tack). Complete a circuit in figure 8.
  • Understand how to approach and overtake other cars.
  • Giro downwind (Gybe or jibe) and continue doing the circuit with figure 8

Advanced Course Land Sailing

The course “Advanced Land Sailing” is a fun and easy way to develop new skills that are useful not only for the practice of Land Sailing, but for any activity related to sailing. This course will enable you to get a license recognized by international competition FISLY and IBRA.

  • Requirements: Land Sailing like basic or proven experience.
  • Duration: 2 sessions of 1, 1 / 2 hours (90 min + 90 min) / 1 session of 3 hours.
  • Price: 65 € per person. (*)
  • (*) the price includes cart rental, gloves, helmet and monitor.

advanced1 advanced2 advanced3 advanced4 advanced5 advanced6

Academic program

Session 1:
Theoretical content:
  • National and International Associations and their function. Competition licenses.
  • Insurance and legal rules - How to get licenses in the ACS national and international level FISLY / IBRA
  • Car Maintenance Sailing
Practical Content (Blokart):
  • How to correctly assemble and disassemble the Blokart and accessories.
  • How works the apparent wind in the sails.
  • What kind of clothes and protections are to be used in comeptición.
  • All navigation paths. The navigation wheel to full.
Session objectives:
  • Removing / inserting the pair prepare blokarty shipping or travel.
  • Tack and jibe at a reasonable speed.
  • Sailing upwind (windward), how to deal and take the windward
  • Two wheels navigate controlled manner.
  • Stop using the method of the circles and sail use as a brake.
  • Apply the concept of apparent wind.
Session 2
Theoretical Content.
  • The international racetrack.
  • FISLY competition rules and EBA / IBRA.
  • How blokart transponders are used in competition.
  • Registration on a test.
  • Types of career.
  • The team and the scrutiny thereof in blokart class.
Practical content:
  • How the procedure works on dial-up career.
  • How the safe (safety box).
  • The system flags and signs in the race.
  • Safety Rules in the race.
Session objectives:
  • Navigate up to the starting line on time.
  • Finish the race crossing the finishing line and how to leave the court correctly
  • Sailing upwind in a good direction.
  • Browse using the apparent wind and reap its benefits.
  • Browse different circuits