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What is landsailing?

Landsailing is a sport activity made with a tricycle with sail

Who can practice landsailing?

Anybody, men and women over 8 years old.

I have a locomotory disability is it possible to practice landsailing?

Yes! In fact this is one of very few sport activity you don’t need a special equipment and is realy easy for everybody.

Is it difficult to practice landsailing?

No,it’s not difficult at all. In 10-15 minutes you can learn to handle the equipment if you follow (strictly) the basic rules provided by your monitor(instructor).

Is it safe to practice landsailing?

Yes,is safer even than cycling,in fact is considered one of the few sports without many accidents.

Do we need special equipement to practice landsailing?

No. All you need are the helmet and the gloves, wich will be provided by the monitor.

Is there any basic rule? What happends if I am not able to control the tricyle?

Yes,there is a basic rule. If you think you are not able to control it,the only thing you have to do is to release the cord.

Is there any posibility that the tricycle to role over? If yes,am I in danger in this situation?

If the monitor instructions are not followed,yes,this can happend. But don’t worry,you will be safe as long as you have the sittingbelt on.

Is landsailing considered an X-stream sport?

If we take in consideration the characteristics, it can be.

VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Never, and never when the tricycle is rolling on, put your hands on the ground! You may think that this is a protection measure,it is not,the effect will be exactly opposite,you can harm yourself. Keep your hands very firm on the handles in any situation.